We would like to thank all of our supporters for their kind donations. They make creating the work we do possible, and we are eternally grateful!


Firstly, a great big thank you to those who have donated in the past -


Claire O’Flaherty, Kate Brower, Imogen Sarre, Jane Salisbury, Justina Ingram, Ellie Wilde, Sara Harford, Vicky Graham, Brittany Salemme, Gwyneth Keyworth, Meg Dobson, Emine Simnaz, Sophie Godfrey, Melissa Dean, Millie Moloney, Andrew McRobbie, Rebecca Stiff, Polly Ingham, Tony Him, Rafe Beckley, Afsaneh Gray, Rachel Strange, Shirley Booth.

And huge gratitude to;

The Luminaries - Friends

Darren and Lorraine Gallagher, Norleen Gallagher, Jack Pinter, Lucy Jackson, Jem Wall, Kate Dornan, Pippa Shaw, Vinay Patel, Sabrina Mahfouz, Trudy Haigh, Sam Mortimore, Julian Caddy, Greta Wallner, Claire Hever, Leah Diaz, Brian Coyle, Lucie Godfrey, Natasha Meradji, Maurita Halsall, Roz Fagan, Caroline Bradley, Kristin Kowalski.

The Illuminators - Supporters

Jennifer Stark, David Vaughan Thomas, Row Mafham, Chris Taylor, Ruth Ingledow, Simon Chadwick, Nancy Wallinger, Rowan Halsall, Cliff Forrester, Richard Hahlo.

The Illuminati - Patrons

Michael Kirkwood

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Developing the work we do – that is experimental and collaborative in its nature – takes real passion, commitment, time and energy – and often involves the input of many creatives. In each of our projects, we always strive to pay all of the artists we bring on board for their work and contribution to the show. But to make this work possible there’s also basic project costs like rehearsal space, public liability insurance, technical hires and marketing print. So it all adds up for a small company like ourselves.